The Madness of King Rex

Another off-season lack of news always seems to lead to more column inches for the musings of the King of the WTF Statement, Rex Ryan. You can’t get from January to July without hearing or seeing him pluck some statement out of the air that leads you to think “what is he smoking?” and this season is no different. Obviously the backdrop has changed from New Jersey to upstate New York, but the sentiment is still the same.

His latest claim is that Buffalo will end their 16 year playoff drought in 2015. that’s 16 long years since the Bills have had anything to do with January other than nursing their post Xmas hangovers and wondering where it all went wrong (apparently an annual winter tradition in Buffalo for many years even when there is football to watch).

But has he got substance to back up his claims this year? With a current Quarterback quartet of E.J. Manuel (who hasn’t really shone in the 2 seasons he’s played so far), Matt Cassel (decent enough, but is he only there to provide an experienced backup) and the untested pair of Matt Simms (already claimed that his name counts against him) & Tyrod Taylor (a player with 1 more Superbowl ring than touchdown passes) it looks a little tricky to say the least. You’ve also got to ask the question of which Percy Harvin will show up for both training camp and each game and they could be in the position of little if no aerial threat at all.

Moving on to the ground game, having Shady McCoy in the backfield looks like it could be the masterstroke from the spinmeister as CJ Spiller is now in New Orleans and Fred Jackson is coming to the end of the line, but is one player enough to base a season on?

Of course the whole order of the AFC East has been thrown into chaos after Deflategate, but things could change even before a pre-season snap depending on Brady’s appeal. But the Jury is still out on the ability of Rex and his Bills to unseat the Patriots from their accustomed position at the top of the division.

But Rex still thinks he can bring the postseason to Buffalo and if he does with the unit that he’s got then maybe he’ll finally have the action to back up his words.

We await the verdict…