The inside scoop on Levi Stadium

As mentioned in our recent podcast, I spent a couple of weeks of June in sunny California.

During my time there, I managed to take a tour of Levi Stadium (wearing my New England Patriots t-shirt and cap), the home of the San Francisco 49ers and the location of Super Bowl 50.

Below are some of the interesting facts I found out.

1. The stadium is owned by the city of Santa Clara

2. There aren’t enough seats at present for the stadium to host the Super Bowl and therefore they are having to fill in the corners with extra seating

3. When you apply to build a new stadium, the NFL will provide you with the initial $400m (How nice!). However, they will usually have a special request. The request at Levi was that the stadium had to accomodate the possibility that the Oakland Raiders could play their homes games in Santa Clara. The Raiders explained to the people involved that they didnt want to have some tiny dressing room in a small corner fo the stadium. They expected to be at least an equal not the minority. Therefore, within the stadium is a dressing room which is FOUR TIMES the size of the 49ers and has never been used.

4. The stadium is one of the most high-tech in the NFL. There is WiFi access for all and a special app where you can order foor, drinks and merchandise and have them delivered to your seat (at a cost of course). In addition, the app will show you where the nearest bathroom is and show you a picture of the queue! Weird but cool none the less.

5. The corporate boxes are un-real! However even if you were to pay for the box, you still have to then purchase each individual seat for your guests.

As stadiums went, it was pretty cool and one I hope to see my Patriots playing at come February 2016.