RG III – Cleveland XXI

RG III About To Sign For Cleveland?

Well it’s that time of year again when Cleveland decide who is going to be the signal caller to take them forward, as they have done every year (sometimes twice) since the team was reformed in 1999 and this year it’s going to be RG III fresh from a season on the bench in Washington!

This calls for a drinking game for the inevitable announcement and statements. Obviously we at 3Legs4thDown don’t condone excessive alcohol usage and you should choose your safe beverage of choice (e.g. Budweiser)

1 Finger

  • A fresh start for Cleveland
  • A fresh start for RG III
  • “Injury prone QB”
  • Cruciate Ligament (any ACL or MCL mentions count)

2 Fingers

  • Questions about his mobility
  • Mention of the potential 21st starter in 17 years
  • Playing through injury in his rookie season
  • A photo on social media of the all the Cleveland QB’s jersey

3 fingers

  • Competition with Josh McCown for the starting job
  • Any mention of Johnny Manziel/The p**s artist formerly known as “Football”

Not be able to drink anything because you’ll be laughing so much you’ll choke

  • Any mention of him being a “long-term solution”

On a serious point, good luck to RGIII and Cleveland in equal measure and remember; they’re not laughing at you, they’re laughing with you (honest)