Podcast FFF Game Rules

If you’ve been listening to the podcast recently (and if not, why not?) you will have noticed the beginning of a regular feature known as “FFF” or “Franchise, Free Agency or Find a New Job”. Well…. that’s the PG version of the title anyways.

So what’s it all about? You’ve probably encountered a pub game similar to this which also goes by many non-PG friendly names – “Marry, Kiss, Kill”. One person will name 3 people and others have to list the 3 in order of preference; who they’d spend the rest of their life with, who they’d have a quick fling with and who they’d prefer to never see again. In a nutshell that’s what we do with 3 NFL players only with less tongue.

Franchise – This is the player you will have as the face of your franchise, the guy who you sign to a 5 year big money contract that eats up most of your cap room and you hope will lead you to glory as there’s no way you’re getting rid of him for better or for worse.

Free Agency – You like this guy, sure, but he’s not quite as good as your franchise player and with the salary cap being tight in the years to come you can only offer him a 1 or 2 year deal before he inevitably rides off into the sunset hunting a better deal elsewhere.

Find a New Job – In simple terms this guy has been cut from your roster never to darken your door again. There’s no cap penalty but you’ll be making do with what’s on your roster until you can draft in someone else at the end of the year.

Sounds easy, right? If you listen in to the podcast each week you might find out just how hard those decisions can be for Chris, Dean Paul & Steve. Let us know if you agree or disagree with the choices made and submit your ideas for which three players should be put to the FFF Test by tweeting us @3legs4thdown