PODCAST EPISODE 26 – Playoff Time

The decorations are down and the health kick has begun so it must be Playoff time! There was only really 2 games last week that were going to determine the final slot (nobody actually thought that the Colts would win and get the 7 other results they needed did they?) and it proved that Rex Ryan still hasn’t finished making Jets fans lives miserable when it comes to January!

After that we were all expecting a big day on Black Monday, but that wasn’t to be as most of the coaching moves seemed to happen Sunday night, with Pettine parting awys with the Browns and Jim Tomsula leaving the 49ers after 1 season in the hotseat (although he had been there for the last 9 seasons in total). There were other coaching moves later on in the week with Tom Coughlin making an emotional departure from the Giants (have a look at Dave Rappoccio’s excellent cartoon on The Draw Play about that) and the late surprise of Lovie smith being fired by the Bucs’ after only 2 seasons in charge.

Then we get the coaches that aren’t moving, we’ve been saying all season that the Saints and the Colts would be making changes since September and both have kept their existing Head coaches on (Chuck Pagano even got a 4 year extension so we couldn’t have been more wrong).

There’s all this in greater depth and a lot more besides in the week’s podcast, so sit down and enjoy (be warned, it’s nearly 2 hours this week though!)

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