What was Chuck Pagano thinking? That’s the question that everyone has asked since Chuck Pagano got the Colts to line up in the “Swinging Gate” fake punt formation and the Patriots didn’t fall for it. So we’ve decided to ask it as well and you’ll find our thoughts on it in this week’s podcast.

There’s also a look back at week 6 when the 49ers finally had something to smile about and a preview of the rest of week 7 where they didn’t. (Paul may have had a slight rant during this section).

Also there’s the 2nd of this year’s International Series games coming up this weekend at Wembley with the Jags getting their annual London beating, this year it’s at the hands of Rex Ryan’s Bills. We think our attempts at Dick Van Dyke style accents are better than anything that either NFL Network or CBS have to offer.

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