PODCAST EPISODE 14 – Back on Track

We’re fully back up to speed with the new server now (once again thanks to Southwest Broadband) and we’ve got a new podcast that’s out before the games we’re previewing.

We take a look at the QB issues that came to play in Week 5 with Matt Stafford being benched, the Cowboys now going with Matt Cassel and the ongoing soap opera of who is under center for the Texans (how long before it’s actually JJ Watt?) along with a wrap up of the other major points coming out of week 5 (offensive points for the 49ers!!!!)

There’s a full preview of the games that are being televised over the weekend of Week 6 and we talk about the rest of this weekend’s matchups. And we cover a few news stories as well with potential trades and the latest Manziel related incident in Cleveland.

We’ve got a couple of Inactives in Dean & Steve this week, but we hope that the Paul, Juan & Chris show is enough to keep you entertained!

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