International Series week this week and we’ve got lots to talk about! So much so that this is our longest podcast yet, clocking in at just short of 2 hours!

Week 3 was the week that a few backup QB’s had a chance to make a difference after some injuries to starters and we look at how things panned out for them. There’s also a preview of the first ever divisional matchup that’s part of the International Series at Wembley (it’s so important that the Jets have even brought their own toilet rolls with them)

We also look ahead to week 4 which started on Thursday with “Mike” Vick’s Steelers coming off second best to the Ravens and more kicker problems in Pittsburgh and continues on Suday with the Dolphins taking on the Jets at Wembley along with a few other potentially tasty games (and an easy win for the Packers against the 49ers much to Paul’s annoyance)

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