Episode 32 – We’re Back and the NFL will be soon

It’s good to be back!

After our 2 month break after the Superbowl, we’re back for a round up of what’s been going on around the NFL and what to look forward to in the coming few weeks in the NFL

We’ve got our take on Free Agency with out thoughts on who did well and who made a Cleveland out of it, there’s the ongoing story that is Colin Kaepernick’s team for next season (still no idea), there’s more on the soap opera that is Josh Gordon (and a bit of Johnny Manziel for bad measure) and more on a few players that have got something to prove in the upcoming season.

We’re still over 3 months away from the start of pre-season, but things are gearing up again round the teams and so are we, so join us for the first podcast of the 2016 NFL season and if there’s anything you want to let us know, then you can get us on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll answer your best questions on the next show just after the draft.

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