NFL International Series 2016 Games Announced

The NFL has announced the 2016 International Series schedule – with 2 games being played at Wembley, and one at Twickenham. The dates are announced and official, but there’s no word on the kickoff time yet.
NFL International Series 2016

The full lineup:

Wembley, October 2

Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Twickenham, October 23

NFC East Opponent @ St. Louis Rams

Wembley, October 30

Washington Redskins @ Cincinnati Bengals

The Twickenham matchup is the only one yet to be fully finalised, as the Rams will face an NFC East opponent that finishes in their equivalent position in the division. If the season ended today, the Philadelphia Eagles would be making the flight to London. We could also see Washington make the trip twice.

Once we have word on the official kickoff times, we’ll let you know but for now – which games intrigue you the most?

More information is available at NFL UK.