Man vs Wolf YOU DECIDE? Or How is Arian Foster handling retirement?

Future HoF candidate Arian Foster retired this season and like a lot of former players enjoying their free time, it’s given him time to try new things that he couldn’t do while he was active in the league and also given him more time to think things through. The week he’s been looking for something to do, but like anyone sensible he knows his limits as the following tweets go to show

Fair enough Arian, we can all understand that and we know  that camping in the USA is a lot more risky than being in the wild in England. But being someone who has had fitness and strength conditioning for years he thinks he can manage the potential threats…

OK Arian, are you really sure about this? Twitter doesn’t seem to think so

Apparently he does

He really does

Twitter still isn’t sure though

But he has an answer to that

This raised a valid point

Ah, it’s all OK though

They can’t read, but they might have some form of smarts though

Apparently they don’t and it’s all down to reading (and thumbs)

Wolves, you should be as scared of Arian as Twitter users are scared of you

After being told that a wolf can take down an elk, he seems to have as much disdain for them too (in particular their HTML skills)

Enter the facts brigade


Now this would just be silly

Wolves might not know biology, but Arian certainly does

He really does know biology

This needs to happen

And it might