League Offers Oakland The Browns, Exclusive Reaction

In a shock move today (1/4/17) Roger Goodell has offered to move the entire Cleveland Browns organisation to Oakland to replace the Las Vegas bound Raiders. The commish stated “It’s become more and more obvious that the resurrected Browns really aren’t working where they are so a fresh start for them would do the team the world of good”

There have been mixed reactions to this statement over the past few hours with Cleveland resident Mrs Betty Thrib telling the Ohio Express “When the new mayor came in, he promised to clean the trash off the streets and it looks like it’s working already.” With Mr Benjamin StPierre-StPaul adding “finally after all these years football fans have got something to celebrate in this town”

Meanwhile on the West Coast the reaction to this wasn’t as positive as Jason “Spanx” Boomhauser reported to his local paper the Bay area Watch “If they’re bringing that shower here, can we all move to Vegas instead?”

The league has also stated that if this move falls through then a blind auction will be held for the Cleveland franchise with thee team moving to the city, town or even village of the lowest bidder.