Farewell Vince Wilfork


Farewell then to one of the leagues most enduring players, with a smile as big as his heart (and that’s a big ol’ heart). The league will miss Vince Wilfork because he’s possibly the only player we never really disliked in Boston.

From announcing his retirement by hanging up the cleats and then wearing nothing but overalls and a hat whilst advertising a local BBQ joint.

To wearing a Spongebob T-Shirt in a press conference, or getting into a field goal kicking contest with Carli Lloyd of the US national soccer team

There was never a dull moment around the big guy. And let us not forget he was responsible for the huge shove that gave us one of the NFL’s most treasured moments , the Butt Fumble.

Let us know below what your favourite memory is of Vince. Ours is below, and its hard to tell even in replays if the footage is slowed down, or that was him at maximum speed.