Episode 63 – It’s The Tony Romo Show

Tangents, we got em in spades (and probably in every other aisle in the garden centre too).

Tony Romo has called time on his NFL playing career and has gone straight to the starting position in the CBS commentary box alongside Jim Nantz for the 2017 season. You’ve got wonder how he’s going to cope with calling games down the stretch in December though. Obvious jokes out of the way, it’s in interesting move on a number of fronts as the big speculation was all about where he was going to end up playing next year. While Houston was the favourite, there were another couple of teams in the running for the displaced Cowboys starter, but none of it was to be.

We tried to talk about this on this week’s podcast, but as these things usually go, we found ourselves sidetracked by things like Belfast based wrestlers, the biscuit combine, Juan’s dad and lots and lots of podsnacks (you don’t have to listen carefully to hear the wrapper rustling).

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