Episode 59 – Pro Bowl Mania

Well it’s not really as the Pro Bowl has been and gone now and did anyone actually notice? We did the whole of the podcast this week without previewing it!

But what we did talk about on this week’s show was a pair or surprisingly one-sided Conference Championship Games that have given us a Patriots vs Falcons Superbowl that we are really looking forward to. Alongside this there’s the usual discussion about what’s going on around the NFL with the last of the coaching and front-office appointments being filled and a few questions on what players are going to be moving on either to new teams or to retirement for 2017.

Sorry we’re a bit late this week, but there’s a serious Man-Flu epidemic raging on the Island at the moment and everyone knows how debilitating that can be, but we’ll be back to our normal schedule for Superbowl week!

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