Episode 53 – Blinded By The Lights

What were the NFL/Seahawks/Nike thinking with the “COLOR RUSH” (You have to say it in caps) uniforms? Are they taking marketing too far or do they want everyone to have to buy NFL branded shades for Thursday Night Football next season?

Anyway, we digress, we’ve managed to cobble together a new podcast this week with just Paul & Chris as Steve & Juan are away doing pre-Christmas stuff in various places but I’m sure between the two of us we’ll manage to keep you entertained with our take on Week 14, even though both the Broncos & 49ers managed to lose so there’s nothing to be happy about for either of us!

There’s a preview of the week 15 matchups as well with the season gets to the sharp end and the playoff picture is getting filed in and coaches that aren’t with those teams are starting to nervously look over their shoulders and worry about job security. Jeff Fisher was the first one to go and was he leaving early to avoid the rush?

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