Episode 52 – Like The Reverse Cowboys

Another week, another 49ers loss and other games to talk about as well. This week on the podcast we talk about soup and how to make it, doughnuts and how to eat them and a bit of football thrown in for good measure!

There’s a look back at last week’s games which featured Cam Newton’s benching for 1 series for not wearing a tie (that’s surely not the biggest fashion crime that he’s committed in his career?), what happens when you don’t get into a shootout with Drew Brees (spoiler alert, you win) and just what does San Francisco have to do to actually win a game?

There’s a preview of the week 14 games as well with some decent contests this weekend and also the Browns back in action and some predictions which may or may not be anywhere close to accurate (check back on Sunday night to see how wrong we are again!)

We’ve got a couple of things in the mailbag and the usual tangents to go off on!

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