Episode 50 – Wow, We’ve Reached Episode 50?

Can’t believe that what started as a throwaway conversation on a Facebook group for Isle of Man based fans of NFL & Football in general has actually gone on to make 50 shows! Thank’s to everyone for listening to our inane ramblings over the last year and a bit and we hope that you enjoy listening to the ramblings as much as we enjoy rambling! </gushy bit>

Back to the serious matter in hand of Football and we’ve got a look back at the big results coming out of Week 11 and the Thanksgiving games from Week 12, which saw the Cowboys take their streak to 10 games unbeaten (a feat that no Cowboys team has ever managed before) and we saw the continued decline of the Packers & Colts, 2 teams that should be in a much better position than they are right now.

There’s also a preview of the rest of the Week 12 games, which going by our previous form, we’ll probably get wrong, but if we could predict scores with 100% accuracy, we wouldn’t be sat in a living room on the Isle of Man making these show, they’s be done from the deck of a luxury yacht moored somewhere a hell of a lot warmer!

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