Episode 47 – Something In The Water*

It may have been malt, hops & barley if we’re being honest!

After a couple of technical problems (again and we’d like to thank Windows for being about as user friendly as a pit full of cobras) we managed to get this week’s podcast recorded!

There’s a look back on the big stories to come out of Week 8, including a 2nd tie in less than a week, Knile Davis’ 150 minutes as a Jet, Norv Turner resigning from a job that he wasn’t actually doing a great deal of and nore with a look at some of the big results too.

There’s a preview of the Week 9 games as well with what could be a first for this season, an actual story behind a Monday Night Football game with Percy Harvin coming out of retirement for the Bills to take on the Seahawks! There’s the usual wild predictions as well for all this weeks games and more besides, so keep the the Facebook posts and Tweets coming in as and don’t forget that if you don’t have time to listen to us here, you can always subscribe on iTunes and download the podcast to listen when you want.

*Drink Responsibly