Episode 46 – Jerry Jones Could Get Some Tips Here

Week 8 and we welcome Juan back to 3Legs towers from his holiday in North Korea. As you probably know, North Korea (or Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to give it it’s proper name) is a state that is based on the ideals set by one man (like the Cowboys), and that man is revered as a Godlike figure (like the Cowboys) and his influence is felt over every aspect of life (like the Cowboys) and is referred to as “The Great Leader” (you can see where we are going with this one can’t you)

Other than that, we’ve got a wrap-up of the week 7 talking point and we even found something to day about the Cardinals/Seahawks masterclass in how not to win a game along with struggles for the Jets at QB (is this 2012 all over again?) and who else came out of the week without looking too bad.

There’s a look forward to Week 8 as well with our thoughts the 3rd International Series game which is back at Wembley with the Redskins taking on the Bengals.

We’ve got a bit of a news roundup as well and the usual tangents and insults!

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