Episode 42 – The NFL Is Back In London

Every time the NFL comes to London we get swamped with Dick Van Dyke accents and cockernee cliches, so we thought we’d join in and do the whole of this week’s podcast from Albert Square while stumbling about in a pea souper of a fog. Then we thought better of it and recorded everything in our normal voices in the comfort of 3 Legs towers (aka Paul’s living room)

So on this week’s normal podcast we look back a few surprising results from week 3 with losses for the Panthers and the Steelers in games that you would have thought they wouldn’t have had any trouble with. Also there’s a look ahead to this weeks games, including not using fake comedy accents for the London match up between the Jags and the Colts (we use our real comedy accents for that one)

There’s the usual predictions, tangents and bits of news as well and keep the theFacebook posts and Tweets coming in as and don’t forget that if you don’t have time to listen to us here, you can always subscribe on iTunes and download the podcast to listen when you want.