Episode 34 – NFL News Round Up & More

OTA’s are done and the NFL is gearing up for the start of Training Camp. It’s the part of the year when there’s odds and sods of news around the league, but no major stories coming direct from the teams at the moment, so what better time to do a podcast when we can catch up on all the off-season stuff that going on with contract haggling, stadium shenanigans and all the other things that keep us interested until the real team news start filtering out in July!

Seriously though, we’ve put a new podcast together where we take a look at the players that are quibbling over their 2016 contracts (Ryan Fitzpatrick and Von Miller) and a bit of a discussion on the struggles that Atlanta are having with their new stadium that they hope to occupy by the start of the 2017 season.

There’s all the usual bad jokes as well and more besides (including the occasional tangent), so there should be plenty here to keep you entertained for an hour (we hope!)

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