Episode 31 – Super Bowl or just “Bowl”?

The Super Bowl is the jewel in the crown of the season (other clichés are available), but this year’s was something a little different. On this week’s podcast we try to make sense of Super Bowl 50, did Peyton Manning win his 2nd (and probably last) ring without throwing a touchdown pass? Did either offense actually turn up? How did the Broncos manage to get into Cam Newton’s head so effectively? This wasn’t a game for the casual fan for certain, but for a fan of great defensive play then it was one of the best examples from both teams.

We also take a look at the end of season news and some of the early cuts that have happened and a couple of players that we think will be making a fresh start with new teams next season (or in the case of 1 particular “Player” if anyone will actually give him a job!

This is our last podcast for the 2015 season and we want to thank everyone for taking time to listen and get in touch with us. We’ll be back around the time of the draft, but in the meantime, keep checking the website and the Facebook page as we won’t be going quiet over the next couple of months. And of course if there’s any big news stories to vocer we might even come back a bit early!

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