Episode 44 – Return of the Kaep (Yes It Is)

So after 5 weeks of the season, Chip Kelly has rolled the dice and reinstated Colin Kaepernick as the 49ers starting QB. Can he do any better than Blaine “hand off to an empty backfield” Gabbert? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain, Paul will be watching Sinday’s game against the Bills in the Doctor Who style (from behind the sofa).

Also on this week’s podcast we take a look back at some of the big results from week 5, including an easy comeback game for Tom Brady against Cleveland (passes for over 400 yards and still claims to be “rusty”) and losses for the Eagles & Broncos making the Vikings the last unbeaten team in the league!

There’s a full slate of week 6 previews except for thee Thursday night game, which according to Chris, never happened (although it did and the Chargers handed a 2nd consecutive loss to Denver!) along with the usual tangents and bad jokes and bit of late breaking news about the (soon to be Las Vegas) Raiders too.

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