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Welcome to 3legs4thdown.com, a website put together by a disparate bunch of NFL fans from the Isle of Man. We’re all fans of different teams and after chatting amongst ourselves on a Facebook group we decided to go public and put this site together. It’s mainly going to be for our regular podcasts, but I’m pretty sure that we’ll find the time between the 5 of us to put a few extra things up here every now and then. Some quick introductions…

  • Paul Nicholson – A 49ers fan for many years who remembers when they won things
  • Juan McGuinness – A Giants fan of no fixed beard length (usually long)
  • Steve McGuinness – An Eagles fan with a free choice in podcasting attire
  • Chris Finlay – A Broncos fan that decrees 8-0 as “terrible”
  • Dean Whitty – A Patriots fan but not a fan of sandwich related condiments

Have a skeet at our articles on a variety of NFL related subjects or have a listen to our podcasts which will increase in regularity as the new season approaches

8 Responses to Welcome To 3Legs4thDown.com

  1. Peter says:

    Hi Guys

    Keep up the good banter with the podcasts!

    Quick question re TV coverage – I think Juan mentioned the highlights package in the latest podcast – do you know if a highlights package will be shown on British TV this year or is it just the live games on Sky?


    Pete (Seahawks fan – since the days of Dave Kreig & Steve Largent)

    • Paul Nicholson says:

      Just to add to Chris’ reply, Sky have shown highlights packages previously, but with the home team’s radio commentary instead of the TV announcers. Gives a bit of extra insight into the game and I hope they keep that up this season

  2. Chris Finlay says:

    Hi Peter,

    Sorry about that, your comment got caught up in our spam filter originally, probably a little over-eager at the mention of TV!

    Regarding UK coverage, obviously as mentioned you’ll have the whole Sky works – Thursday night, 1 Sunday early game (6 GMT), 1 Sunday late game (9 GMT approx), 1 Sunday primetime game (midnight-2am GMT approx depending on game location) and the Monday night game. And on Sunday for the first two blocks you also get access to Redzone, which is a rolling highlights show with no commercial breaks, keeping you in the action for all the games being played. I don’t want to sound like a Sky shill but it’s definitely the best option for anyone die-hard into the NFL.

    If you’re not a Sky customer, your other options are sorely limited. Channel 4 were unable to reach an agreement and as such no longer have NFL programming. The BBC will show the Monday night game, but it remains to be seen if they will have any other highlights package. I’m not aware of any deal with Eurosport either.

    If you really don’t want to shell out for Sky Sports packages (and I personally don’t blame you!) then it may be worth looking into an NFL Gamepass subscription. They don’t support as many devices as MLB or NHL do, but you can get it on anything with a decent browser and almost all Microsoft devices, including Surfaces, Windows 10, Windows Phone and Xbox One, have an app due to an exclusivity agreement.

    Hope that helped!

  3. Peter says:

    Many thanks for all your replies.
    I do have Sky and I think their coverage is great but trying to fit in all the live games (plus “soccer”) without incurring the wrath of my other half is tricky! Hence the question re highlighs show.

    Luke – yes I did see the BBC announcement but don’t you think it’s odd that they start it in November??


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